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We at Converso, want to take this to the next level!!

There are a lot of new features to work on which will make an agent’s life much easier. So we are looking for your support.

There are two basic costs for such a product:

1) Development & Maintenance Cost: This product has been initially developed for the sheer joy of it, thus there was no development charge then and your appreciation was ( and still is) a big return for us. But now there has been various demands of new features, APIs etc. to cater this we need some serious funding!

2) Hosting Cost: Currently this is hosted on a server whose charges are nominal so we are not charging for it. But as our client base grows by the day such a setup will not be able to handle the incoming requests. To support this would need a cloud based solution like AWS which will cost us dearly.

If everyone using Converso donated, our fundraiser would be done within an hour. But not everyone can or will donate. And that"s fine. But if just enough people decide to give, we guarantee to return back!

So please consider making a donation of or whatever you can to protect and sustain Converso and to help push it to the the next level.

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